I am a Randalator, born and raised in Dresden. My musical career began in Dresden in the early 2000s when I started to borrow Thunderdome CDs and other techno samplers from the city library and recorded them to tapes. I later started to deejay when I bought two Numark TT-100 turntables – which I still use today – and started to buy my first records (mainly Breakcore and UK Hardcore) at Fat Fenders and Daimon record shops at Görlitzer Straße. I came to the SSF after NH3 approached me at BRN in 2009 – I was just 17 years old – because I was wearing an Industrial Strength hoodie. From then on, I was no longer attending the SSF parties incognito as a little lonely boy, but made my way behind the decks as well.

After 9 years of absence, which I spent in different parts of the world, I have now returned to Dresden and I am happy to find that the scene and the people I knew to the greatest extent have remained the same over the course of my 9 years absence. And to give something back to this spirit of the Dresden scene and to keep it alive too, we have started this web radio and I’m happy to be part of it.